Grappa “Amber”

Label from the original drawings by Romano Levi

Pomace of the great wines of Piedmont DOC-DOCG, comes from the Langhe, a place where the vine has found one of its highest expressions; the Grappa that results is a unique and exciting balance derived from curing in underground pits and a long period of aging in wood.

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Type of grappa: is is the most “traditional” grappa and the icon of the Distillery. Distilled as one century ago, aged in wood fminimum six years and then only filtered and bottled. No sugar, no colorants , no caramel is added

Grape-varieties: Nebbiolo (Barbaresco), Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba.

Marc: still dripping with must, the freshly-pressed skins, stems and seeds of grapes grown on DOC and DOCG vineyards in Neive, Barbaresco, Trezzo, Treiso and Alba are blended following an old Serafino Levi recipe.

Put in wood: immediately after distillation.

Ageing: minimum 6 years in small barrels of different woods, they are stored at a constant temperature in just the right conditions of humidity.

Certification of aging in wood: our Master Distiller and Controller certify that prior to bottling this Reserve Grappa has been aged in wood for the above length of time.

50° Alc. by vol.

700 ml bottle (750 for US)

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Weight 1,90 kg

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