Grappa of Moscato

Label from the original drawings by Romano Levi

Pomace of the great wines of Piedmont DOC-DOCG, comes from the Langhe, a place where the vine has found one of its highest expressions; the Grappa that results is a unique and exciting balance.

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Grape-variety: Moscato.

Color: light pale, transparent

Perfumes: fruity with the typical intense aroma of Moscato grape Taste: fruity , light sweet, full of body

Marc: grapes grown in the DOCG Moscato d’Asti wine-growing villages of Neive, Trezzo and Treiso. Locally processed.

Distillation: Moscato Levi’s grappa is produced in single batch on an open flame alembic, with the marc submerged. To distill, the Moscato grapes have to be fermented and next distilled. Perfected by Romano Levi and still adhered to strictly today, this procedure ensures perfect preservation of the aromatic components.

Ageing: short ageing (6 months) in 225 litres barriques made of different woods, stored at a constant temperature.

Certification of aging in wood: our Master Distiller and Controller certify that prior to bottling this Reserve Grappa has been aged in wood for the above length of time.

40° ALC. BY VOL.

700 ml bottle (750ml for US)

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Weight 1,90 kg

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