Grappa of Arneis

Label from the original drawings by Romano Levi

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Grape Vatiety: 100% Arneis

Color:transparent, Pale yellow with gold reflections

Perfume: white fruits, fresh peach, pear,pineapple, slightly aromatic

Taste: dry, Intense, delicate, herbal, full of body

Marc origin: from Roero Arneis wine makers, left side of Tanaro river

Ageing: Immediately after distillation the grappa is aged for a short period (3-4 months) in old Piedmontese cask holding around 700 liters, made of different woods. is process keeps all the freshness and the perfume of the Arneis wine while enhancing the body of the grappa

Tasting indication: we advice to taste at a temperature of 12-14° vol: 42°

700ml bottle (750 ml for US)

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Weight 1.90 kg

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