To define the work of Romano Levi we had to create a new acronym:


a term capable of catalysing the alchemy, poetry and art, which takes the shape of an island out of time: The Serafino Levi Distillery of Neive.

This section is dedicated to the many collectors of Romano Levi Grappa. The users interact directly with the distillery and are able to see several bottles of various collections, compare their bottles with those of other collectors, get to know other labels: they will discover a little bit of Romano from time to time.

In the collectibles and historical archive, users who are interested to appear in an anonymous form or not, will have to send us photos and details of the bottles
in their possession.

In the “read the bottle” section, with the help of pictures, its composition is explained: bottle, UTIF seal (Italian Revenue Office registration) and label.

The artist label section is dedicated to those who have helped to create one or more labels for collection.


999 labels (unique pieces) and original painting by Renato Missaglia inspired by the theme of the “Donna Selvatica che scavalca le colline” (Wild Woman who climbs over the hills). Works of art 40 x 30 cm (approx) made by the artist ( and unique labels for an exclusive collection of “Grappe Ambrate Gran Riserva” (Grand Reserve Amber Grappa) from the Romano Levi Distillery in Neive.




A collector is a person who has a collection of at least 12 bottles of different vintage from Serafino Levi’s distillery. In recent years, more than a case of fraud has been discovered, several bottles of Romano Levi Grappa were falsified, and they are still the subject of forgery. For this reason the distillery, in order to protect itself and to protect the collectors, decided to create an archive which, with the help of qualified persons, certifies the bottles stating the authenticity or not of bottles and labels.

Historical Archive

Since the time when Romano Levi’s bottles and labels began to be considered works of art, they have been, and still are, the subject of counterfeiting. The Italian control bodies have discovered entire batches of bottles totally false, counterfeit both in content and in the labels and in the UTIF (Revenue) seals. The foundation has, therefore,
set up a Historical Archive of the work of Romano Levi, able to collect and store data on antique bottles. This information, combined with the tax records,
the archive and the experience gained by the distillery, is capable of providing useful information about the authenticity of the bottles and labels,
and issue a certificate of authenticity, if requested.

How to register and send the data of the bottles

To be included in the archive, please fill in the form below with your personal details. After completing the form, the user must fill out the excel file, which can be downloaded online, with the data on the bottles possessed. For each bottle inserted in the file, the user must also provide 3 high resolution photos of the bottle registered, renaming the image with the number of the UTIF seal (e.g. AU123456.jpg).

The completed excel file and pictures of the bottles must be inserted in a single folder that should be sent, through the WeTransfer instrument,
to the following email address:

See the instructions to read your bottles

Download the Excel file to be filled with a list of your bottles

Use WeTransfer to send your files

to read
the bottle



There must always be the indication of the series and number as well as the words “Accisa sull’Alcole Etilico”, “Bevande Alcoliche”, “Contrassegno di Stato”.



There must always be the indication of the licence number, subject, text, and data required by law.



On the bottom of the bottle, or on the bottom edge, there is the indication of the capacity in ml together with abbreviations and codes printed on the glass.