Grappa of the “Wild Woman
climbing over the hills” of Barbaresco
Reserve 42% vol.

Label from the original drawings by Romano Levi

On the hills of the Langhe which have proved to be one of the finest terroirs for the vine, the pomace of Nebbiolo grapes grown to make DOCG Barbaresco wine produces a Grappa of extraordinary, exhilarating balance resulting from curing underground and lengthy ageing in wood.

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Grappa aged over 36 months in wood.

Grape selection
Nebbiolo from Barbaresco DOCG.

Pomace origin and conservation
Still dripping with must, the freshly-pressed skins, stems and seeds of grapes grown on DOCG vineyards located in Neive, Barbaresco, Trezzo, Treiso and Alba are immediately compressed into underground pits for a natural curing process that is able to extract all the aromas and flavours of the nebbiolo grapes.

Characteristics of the still
Copper pot still, the only direct fire device in the world still being used for distilling Grappa.

Distillation system
“Grappa distillata da ignari” (Grappa distilled by unaware people) with the discontinuous method with direct fire and submerged pomace. The steam generated from the distillation of pomace, enriched with alcohol-aromatic components, is condensed with subsequent fractional distillation of the phlegm in a copper column with 7 plates. This procedure, perfected by Romano Levi and still strictly adhered to, ensures the perfect conservation of the aromatic components, important for the organoleptic characteristics of Grappa.

Date on which it was placed in wood
Immediately at the time of distillation.

Permanence in wood
Aged at least 36 months in classic Piedmontese barrels of about 700 litres capacity, made of various types of wood, stored in rooms with the right humidity and at a constant temperature of 14 to 19 degrees C°.

Certification of aging in wood
Our Master Distiller and the Controller certify that this Grappa Riserva is aged in wood, for the period specified above, before bottling.

The alcoholic content
42% vol.

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Weight 1.90 kg

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