Grappa of Chamomile

Label from the original drawings by Romano Levi

Pomace of the great wines of Piedmont DOC-DOCG, comes from the Langhe, a place where the vine has found one of its highest expressions; the Grappa that results is a unique and exciting balance derived from curing in underground pits and a long period of aging in wood.
Grappa chamomile is obtained by macerating directly fragrant chamomile flower heads with Langhe Nebbiolo Grappa, according to a recipe fortunately found in the diaries of Lidia Levi.

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Grape-varieties: Nebbiolo (Barbaresco), Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba.

Color: light yellow

Perfume: Flowers and fresh herbs with a camomile note

Taste: Soft and pleasant with chamomile note lasting in a pure grappa environment

Distillation and process: Levi’s grappa is produced in single batches on an open flame, with the marc submerged. After a short aging period in barrel (6 months) the grappa is picked up and camomile flowers are added. After 3-4 weeks of maceration, it is processed and filtered through a system specifically designed by Lidia Levi , able to keep all the scent of the chamomile and the unique taste of the grappa.

Certification of ageing in wood: our Master Distiller and Controller certify that prior to bottling and processed with Camomile this Reserve Grappa has been aged in wood for the above length of time.

40% Alc. by vol.

700ml (750ml for US)

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Weight 1.90 kg

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